Radico has been quite innovative since inception, Radico also believes in RENOVATION as sometime innovation
takes time.

In 1992 Radico introduced and presented age old indian henna , renovating as TEMPORARY HENNA TATTOO in USA and
it was a instant big hit.

And Radico introduced 100% Natural hair colours Later-on in 1997 formulated and introduced Close to Natural range of hair colours - in Black, dark brown and brown. It was first of its own kind as it was 50 to 60 % natural and there was no need to use peroxide to make paste but just water. It was instant hit in health conscious Japan

In 2003 introduced 100% Natural hair colours - SUNAB , it was like making impossible POSSIBLE as all scientists believe that 100% natural hair
colours are not possible

In 2012 - after almost 10 years of hard R&D Radico was successful in introducing certified organic hair colours, first time in world . Initially 10 colours were introduced and soon it was expanded to a wide range of 24 shades.

Now working on New Technology where 100% natural hair colours will become much more stronger and efficient then chemical hair colours

Hence Innovation have been a speciality in Radico and back bone for its success

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